Aspiring pirates will be required to get rd of all mutineers by shooting them with their virtual pistols: the more dummies are blown down, the higher the score; meanwhile, enemies will throw all kinds of crates and barrels at the player, who will need to be quick and shoot them back the same way she does with the rebellious dummies.
The “hottest trigger” will also be rewarded with a much higher score overall.
After each game, players will be updated on a series of secondary objectives, as scoring a certain number of headshots or reaching a minimum score; when all these goals are reached,
the next level will be unlocked, for a total of 5 different game maps.
The level selection and the Captain leaderboard – which allows players to compare their results
with all other players worldwide – is fully immersed inside the Captain cabin, which also acts as an in-game menu.
A Tale of Pirates: A Dummy Mutiny, virtual pirates are ready to set sail!