Authors: Asger Harding Granerud, Daniel Skjold Pedersen and Daniele Tascini

A pirates crew with a common destiny. A ship ready to face amazing adventures. An awesome 3D ship and four colored sandtimers. These are just some of the ingredients of a wonderful pirate story, both mysterious and exciting.

A Tale of Pirates is a cooperative game in real time. Each game is a chapter of the story, to which corresponds a mission to accomplish. You will try to reach goals one after the other, without knowing what to expect next!

The box contains 10 sealed envelopes, one for each chapter, that you can open only when you are ready to play that chapter. You will always find new secret components inside of them!

And that’s not all! A free digital App is included in the game. It will drive you through the chapters, explaining the setup of each game and all the secret contens rules. It also works as the timer of the round.

Are you ready to begin the story?
Will you be able to reach the end?

Digital app

30′ 2-4 10+ family


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