Authors:  Flaminia Brasini, Virginio Gigli e Simone Luciani,

The game is based on the XVI century legend of the Golem of Prague, an antropomorphic creature that Rabbi Loew animated starting from a clay statue to protect his people.
The players will take the role of kaballists to create and grow this powerful and magical creatures which will be moved to the main places of magical Prague under the control of their masters. You’ll create also powerful Artifacts and will cast several kind of spells.
The game is divided into 5 five round.
At the beginning of each round player will put the 15 coloured marbles in the 3D Synagogue that will divide them into 5 line corrisponding to the 5 main actions available in the game.
The number of marbles available in the corresponding action line will determine how much the player gets from the action.
When you choose an action you collect 1 marble of your choice in the corrisponding line (2 actions) per round.
Depending on the colour of the marble you chose you will be able also to move forward your masters on one of the track of the city: External, Commercial, Ancient and Magic.
It is very important to advance your masters on those tracks to be able to keep the control of your Golems. At the end of the round mana can also be used to control Golem that surpassed their master, but if one of these creature is uncontrolled, it may become really dangerous and may distroy the neighbourhood, and you will have to destroy and bury it!
Marbles colour is also very important at the end of the round because if you get the correct combination of 2 colours you will be able to get the favour of one of the powerfull Prague characters that will be different in every round.
The game ends after the fifth round and the winner is the player with more victory points.

90-120′ 1-4 14+ Hard Core