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In a uchronic, early 1900s world, non-renewable resources are dying out. While miners extract the last strands of coal from the Northern European fields, and the cargo ships travel from the mining sites with their half-empty bellies, four gigantic explosions form that many freshwater basins in the heart of the Alps, putting an end to the Great War.

But the echo of an extraordinary scientific discovery resonates and reaches the population: Nikola Tesla, who has been missing for years, announce s to the world the creation of a new, large-capacity electrical transformer; a device so powerful to convert so much electricity to meet – by scores – the needs of a post-industrial metropolis.

A handful of investors immediately sniff out the deal: supported by world’s governments, worried by the conflict and by the energy crisis all over the West, they immediately start working to explore the new technology.

Four venture capitalists entrust four great architects and engineers the task of saving the future of the world.

The idea is simple yet ambitious: the four large pools of water formed by the mysterious explosions will be the perfect place to install the Tesla transformers: to stream the renewed hydroelectric energy that will be reconverted, accumulated and transported to the population.

It will be necessary to build adequate dams and tunnels through the mountains and redirect water flows to new and modern hydroelectric plants.

Millions HyCU Contracts have already been signed and hundred of thousands of people are eagerly looking forward to this revolution, savoring their renewed Belle Époque.

“The Blue gold rush has just began!”

Oberst Dassler, 60 years old, Germany

For the Colonel Dassler (Oberst in German), despite the defeat, the Great War is not over yet.
Realizing that only a strong economic recovery could restore the fortunes of his glorious country, he softened up the state apparatus to ensure that Germany could participate in the Barrage project.

Under the pressure of Colonel Dassler, most of the funds allocated for reconstruction have been redirected for the new hydroelectric project.

Architects and engineers from the Bauhaus experience have been transferred to the French mountains with teutonic efficiency.

Germany power: Production efficiency limits costs.

With a single production action, 2 plants are activated instead of 1.

Enrico Olivi, 45 years old, Italy

At the end of the war, the entire World seemed to have forgotten about Enrico Olivi.

Born poor, without the possibility to study, he, very young, abandoned his native country, carrying out every type of profession that had come to him.

Only his iron will and unquestionable skills allowed him to get ahead in the major heavy industries of the country and there wasn’t entrepreneur who didn’t want him within their facilities.

The outbreak of the war had led to the reconversion of many of the factories scattered throughout the territory and Enrico Olivi was chosen to follow the new productions.

But Olivi, publicly exposed against the conflict and refused the offer, ending up ostracized by all those who until a few days before wanted him as a manager.

The war is over since a long time, Olivi is ready to launch a new project: his financiers remain unknown, but they entrusted him because they want to exploit the new technology and to control the new hydroelectric energy, ready to invade the world.

Italy power: Energy Cooperatives.

Where there is no money, intellect strives, the Italian company wisely redistributes
the energy surplus.
Each time you produce, increase by 3 on the track.

Joseph Fontaine, 68 years old, France

Joseph Fontaine knows that people are willing to spend a lot of money to have fun.

He knows that since he enriched by betting on illegal cocks fight and, even more, since he became the manager of the biggest theaters and most popular dance halls all over the France.

And now, as the resources to operate the lights and move the curtains have been run out, no one spends one cent more.

But Joseph Fontaine loves to gamble and after selling all his properties and drained his accounts, he has the resources to invest in a new bet: bring all the renewable energy possible in the streets of Paris.

The French want to have fun and he is ready to open the dances.

France power:
Mr. Fontaine, from his experience, knows when it’s necessary to grease the gears of the system.
You can terminate contracts with a discount of 3 energy points.

Marguerite Grant, 33 years old, United States of America

Belonging to a wealthy industrial family, it may seem that young Marguerite is facilitated in this new blue gold fight, but she is not.
It’s quite the contrary.

She loves arts so much that she reviewed several architects before deciding to whom entrust the work, Marguerite is the only woman among the industrialists who decided to invest in dams and Tesla technology.

Mainly driven by a sense of revenge against her family,surprisingly not famous all over the world for its steel and coal mines, she is ready to show that her vision and initiative would have been useful to the Grant family business.

Excluded by her family business, just for being a woman, she will take back everything that she is entitled to.

Whatever it takes.

USA power: light alloy turbines.
Investing on technology always pays off.
Everytime a drop falls naturally through the plant (not through a pipeline) , it produces 1 unit of energy.

The core mechanic in structures building is the Construction Wheel.
It’s a double layered, six armed revolving player board where you’ll put your selected technology tile along with the required resources.

Once inside the Construction Wheel, both the tile and the resources are locked until a full recovery cycle, that means six steps inside the Wheel.

Each time you’ll slip in your technology token, this action allows you to do the first step.

After six steps of maintenance,

the token and the resources are retrived from the wheel, refreshed and ready to be used again.

Waterdrops keep fallin’ on my dams

It is fundamental to understand how Water works: how its management and its flowing is most important ‘non-resource’ in the game!
From the top of the mountain drops of water flow down through the rivers, but if in their flows
don’t cross any obstacle, the water runs to the sea (out of the map).
Two drops of water fall from the top of the mountain and on their path they found a First Level Dam.
So one drop of water is stocked by the dam, the other one is flowing without obstacles!
Of course, if two drops of water will meet a Second Level Dam, both will be stocked by this one..